Eye Examinations

The exams we offer include evaluation and treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration and other eye diseases. We also offer specialized examinations for dry eye problems and for eyestrain from digital devices and computers. We have the necessary equipment to manage and treat eye disease. We can take pictures and scans of the eye as well as perform visual field testing to check for defects in your central or peripheral vision.


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You have the option to get an examination and consultation for contact lenses as well. Click below to learn more about our contact lenses.


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Children's Vision

Eye examinations with gentle care, including specialized examination for detecting and treating amblyopia (lazy eye), eye turns, and focusing problems.


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Contact Lens Fittings

Contact Lenses are a great alternative to the bulkiness of eyeglasses. Just put them in and go about your day. With many different options, contact lenses will get you closer to 20/20 vision without having to deal with all of the other responsibilities that come with wearing eyeglasses. Let us help you get the right fit and the contacts that will suit your eyes the best! We determine the right fit of contact lenses based on the health and anatomy of your eye as well as your vision goals.


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Madison Heights Eye Care is conveniently located on Route 29 Business, just one mile north of downtown Lynchburg.

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